As 2019 already started, Bloggers and Publishers have lot of work regarding publishing new posts, managing subscribers and E-mail Marketing.

In all of these things, one query is common regarding “content monetization”!! Bloggers have lots of questions regarding which platform & tool is better for it and how to evaluate them.

They also have one fear regarding bounce rate of landing page where most promising ads placed. The fear is quite understandable and it should be well addressed.

The answer to all queries is selection of most prominent Website Monetization Platform.

Here are some alternative Content Monetization Platforms & tools to look out in 2018 before making any mistakes!!

1. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a diversified content monetization platform which integrates Publishers and Advertisers around the world.

Till now, It has managed 4600 above advertising campaigns and currently working with 5000 publishers. PropellerAds provide Slider, Banner, Direct link, Videos type ad formats.

Apart from website it also monetizes App, Softwares, games and even pages having error 404. The most exciting feature is that it has 30 days payment policy and compatible with other ad networks.

If your site contain rich media and video content then PropellerAds best suited to you as the payment terms are based on eCPM.

As a Publisher registration, there is no minimum web traffic requirement.

2. Fidelity Media

Fidelity Media established in 2007 and provide greater ROI to publishers having mobile friendly content.

This platform consist of lots of features like cross screen monetization, Real Time Bidding and multiple Bilingual team for 24 hours support. The compatible ad formats include Display, Mobile, Native, Floating & Pop Up/ Under with different targeting methods.

3. is 2nd largest contextual advertising company in the world considering revenue and currently acquired by Chinese Consortium for $900 Million USD.

If your Google Adsense account is disapproved then is the right option for you. It provides Yahoo & Bing powered contextual advertising, greater control and real time reporting features.

If you have implemented AMP on your all landing pages then you can activate mobile ads feature with reduced loading time.

4. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is by far most popular website monetization platform which pioneers in technology of how to effectively integrate publishers with advertisers.

But still there are some loopholes which need to take into consideration.

First of all, Google AdSense has very strict rules and guidelines as it requires certain amount of content & rich web traffic, greater combination of text and display content etc. on targeted landing page.

In order to provide approval to website, It also takes months of time in verification processes and ends up disapproving publisher’s website. Due to these much amount of complications, Publishers and Bloggers move away from google AdSense and try to find alternatives.

5. AdMaven

This tool has been in working mode since past 15 years and operated based on Real Time Bidding system.

It takes very less approval time, no minimum visitor caps & these fewer complications made it the best alternative to Google AdSense.

It enables you to use New Tab ads, Pop Up ads, Interstitial ads, Lightbox & Banner ads. Two ad formats including Interstitial & lightbox ads are fully compliant with Google AdSense and launched in January,2018.

Ad-Maven has ability to bypass all ad-block extensions with new technology. 

 6. Adbuff

This platform claims to be the biggest Google Adsense alternative but there are certain issues with it.

It provide approval to websites which receive traffic from USA, Canada, Australia & UK.

Also the major issue is that it provide approval to sites having content written in English Language. So, Adbuff has limitation in terms of Geographical areas and therefore not to be considered as “Google Adsense Alternative”.

It provides payment based on CPM & CPC with 100% fill rate.

Advertiser can’t promote adult products with this platform as it only allow rated G ads for family audiences.

7. Infolinks

Infolinks is 6th largest advertising network in the world and it has 1.5 billion monthly ad views.

Infolinks has certain algorithms which delivers intent driven ad to right user in real time. Due to user saw traditional banner ads as disruption, Infolinks provides unique ad formats.

The ad formats include InFold (Overlay ads), InText (Text links ads), InFrame (Banner ads in margins and frames) which effectively utilises space on blogs or website.

8. RevContent

RevContent works on content recommendation model. Their algorithms matches with webpage content type and instantly places similar type of sponsored links on webpage.

RevContent has very strict regulations for Publishers and rejects 98% of websites. They focuses more on quality than on quantity. 

9. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is quite similar to Affiliate program in which you have to put Amazon product links to your site and they will pay you small commission whenever sell happens from that link.

So, Amazon Associates is not following CPM or CPC payment norms. There are fix commissions depends on product price and it is decided by Amazon itself.

Connection of Increased Bounce Rate with Content Monetization Tactics

Whenever Publisher started using content monetization platform, one fear always remains about increased bounce rate of landing pages due to in appropriate ad serving.

Sometimes the ad captures all attraction from viewer and it results in reduced web traffic.

So, one should not blame the Content Monetization platform because problem remains in your less attractive content.
If you aren’t able to capture the viewer’s attention towards your writing then you can’t get enough web traffic.

If web traffic is less, then no possible integration with advertising networks. You have to fight against this fear by writing eye catching content, using white hat SEO techniques, implementing contextual targeting for ads and removing ad campaigns which increases your page’s bounce rate.


If you have just started blogging or have any resolution on it, then I recommend you to start today itself.

Based upon your starting monetary requirements, you can decide your content monetization platform by reviewing above alternatives.
So, Make your 2019 Memorable & Happy Blogging!!

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