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3x Your Sales With Super Profitable Facebook Ads

I help you to grow your business with the best digital marketing strategy that gives more visibility, more engagement to your business & converts more customers without spending more money in less time.

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Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

The art of Facebook Marketing is an essential skill for each & every businessman to grow their unique business in an edge-competitive market; as a social media marketing consultant & Facebook Marketing coach, I help businesses generate more sales and leads with an advanced Facebook marketing course.

Advanced Facebook Marketing Course

Leveraging this course will help you become a Facebook ads pro; you will effectively design your Facebook & Instagram Marketing Funnel, Facebook Ads copy & image, find the right prospect with super targeting technique, Facebook retargeting ads & able to generate more leads & sales for your business
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Digital Marketing Consultation

Digital marketing strategy is different for every business & every product and has an audience of different age groups, and so social media and digital platform accessibility is different. I help you to grow your sales on a long-term basis with the right digital marketing strategy that targets the right audience and with the right digital platform selection with our digital

Digital Marketing Consultation

With the help of digital marketing consultation, I help you to improve your current digital marketing funnel, digital marketing campaign performance, drop-down Facebook ads cost, when to start Facebook retargeting ads, lead nurturing process & explore new possibilities to grow your sales with new digital & social media marketing strategies )
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Social Media Campaign Management

Did your social media ads campaign grab attention? Did your audience take action on your Facebook & Instagram ads campaign? Did your campaign deliver you the desired results? If your answer is NO, then you are losing money in social media marketing. I help you to make your social media ads campaign profitable with our result-driven campaign management service.

Social Media Campaign Management

With the help of a social media campaign management service, I will design a social media marketing strategy, create a marketing funnel, create ad copy, and ad images, experiment with different targeting criteria & launch your social media marketing campaign, and experiment with different retargeting Facebook ads, I will later scale your campaign and deliver desired results & grow your sales & business gradually.
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About Me

I completed my Electrical Engineering in the year 2014 and then started a job as an electrical supervisor. With time I discovered my interest in sales & marketing, and to pursue my dream, I quit my job in 2016 and started learning digital marketing.

As I had an interest in sales & marketing, I did a lot of research and explored the digital market and sought-after social media marketing. With time, I started taking on projects which were great successes. I received amazing feedback from clients about delivering satisfactory results, business sales, and an increase in leads. I worked with various industry domains such as medical, restaurants, eCommerce, real estate, and so on.

In 2019, I started Facebook ads coaching in Surat and trained around 250+ businesses on how to leverage Facebook ads for business sales.

Today, I have a team of 15 people, and I provide an array of services that include coaching, consulting campaign management, and full-spectrum digital marketing.

Why Trust Me?

I have a proven record with highly satisfied clients when it comes to results. I deliver what I preach. I work with you to understand your business goals and processes very closely. Taking forward a deep understanding, I craft custom digital solutions and strategies to deliver expected results. 

How can I help you?

I can grow your sales by 5X with social media marketing with these 5 simple Steps

Is your social media marketing not able to reach your ads to a large audience? For amazing results,  it is essential that your social media marketing ads reach the right audience.

Before starting social media marketing for any business, I deeply research the three most important pillars of social media marketing, who is your target market? What is the message for your market, and on which social media platform is your audience available? With these three questions, I will figure out all the relevant social media marketing strategies for your business and use the below 5 steps to scale up your social media marketing and grow your sales by 3X.

Our Results

Generate 40+ Leads in just 2 months of span for the textile machines and successfully able to close 2 deals

With the help of Facebook Ads generate 500+ phone calls for the orthopedic clinic and successful booked more than 50+ appointment and able to close 5 patients for the surgery

General 329 quality leads for skin care clinic with Facebook & Instagram ads in just 2 Months and able to covert 50+ leads into the life long customers

Online Diet Startup able to generate 1150+ Instagram Message Inquiries and able to conver more than 35% of Inquiries

Installed 5000+ Mobile Application with Facebook & Instagram Marketing for the city base food discount mobile application and cover 800+ Paid membership

Selling Ethnicwear in Canada & USA achieve 8.20+ ROAS in 1st month with the help you Facebook & Instagram Ads

Generate 1250+ inquiries via WhatsApp conversation for the Tiffin service startup in just 2.5 months and scale up from 10 tiffins per day to 50 tiffins per day

Successfully Close 2 Interior Design Projects in 1 month, generate 80+ Leads with Facebook Ads

Online Saree seller generate 1400+ orders with 218/- conversion cost and 7.20+ ROAS in 4 months with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Generate 240+ Leads with Facebook Ads and able to close 3 projects for solar rooftop installation

Generate 240+ Leads with Facebook Ads and able to close 3 projects for solar rooftop installation

Generate 220+ Leads for the Pest Control Agency with Facebook Ads in 3 months and able to close 40+ customers

Booked 20+ Tour Packages in just 1 month with Facebook Ads, Generate 330+ Leads for the travel agency

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