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Why does consultation play an important role to boost your business sales?

Social media marketing consultation opens a gate to new opportunities for sales & business growth. I understand your challenges in Facebook ads & social media campaigns, and I guide you with the right social media marketing strategy and social media campaign planning to stay ahead of the competition and reach your full potential to grow your business online. Here are some reasons why:

Define social media marketing objective

Social media marketing or any other digital marketing activity without an objective is like driving a car without knowing the destination; many business people do social media marketing for their business without an objective and end with zero results and complaining about social media platforms & digital marketing agencies, I help you with figure out what should be your objective for social media marketing, and according to your objective what is expected outcome from the social media marketing activity.

Explore New Possibilities

One of the easiest ways to improve the results of social media campaigns is to try new possibilities; I will help you to explore new Facebook and Instagram ads strategy, new social media marketing funnel, and new offers design methods to grow your sales with my online social media marketing consultation service.

Super Sales Growth

Sales is the heart of the business; to keep a healthy business, sales must go on and on; social media marketing can help you super grow your sales. But it is only possible with the right social media platform, the right social media marketing strategy, and the right social media marketing planning. I will help you to grow your business sales drastically with all the right paths with my social media marketing consultation.

Our Results

Generate 40+ Leads in just 2 months of span for the textile machines and successfully able to close 2 deals

With the help of Facebook Ads generate 500+ phone calls for the orthopedic clinic and successful booked more than 50+ appointment and able to close 5 patients for the surgery

General 329 quality leads for skin care clinic with Facebook & Instagram ads in just 2 Months and able to covert 50+ leads into the life long customers

Online Diet Startup able to generate 1150+ Instagram Message Inquiries and able to conver more than 35% of Inquiries

Installed 5000+ Mobile Application with Facebook & Instagram Marketing for the city base food discount mobile application and cover 800+ Paid membership

Selling Ethnicwear in Canada & USA achieve 8.20+ ROAS in 1st month with the help you Facebook & Instagram Ads

Generate 1250+ inquiries via WhatsApp conversation for the Tiffin service startup in just 2.5 months and scale up from 10 tiffins per day to 50 tiffins per day

Successfully Close 2 Interior Design Projects in 1 month, generate 80+ Leads with Facebook Ads

Online Saree seller generate 1400+ orders with 218/- conversion cost and 7.20+ ROAS in 4 months with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Generate 240+ Leads with Facebook Ads and able to close 3 projects for solar rooftop installation

Generate 240+ Leads with Facebook Ads and able to close 3 projects for solar rooftop installation

Generate 220+ Leads for the Pest Control Agency with Facebook Ads in 3 months and able to close 40+ customers

Booked 20+ Tour Packages in just 1 month with Facebook Ads, Generate 330+ Leads for the travel agency


Our Clients

Let Me Consult Your Business With 4 Easy Steps To Achieve
Your Social Media Marketing Goals

1) Find Loopholes in existing social media marketing strategy, plan & execution

If your social media marketing gives you results not as per your expectation after several times, there must be a loophole in social media marketing strategy creation, or in Facebook & Instagram campaign planning, or technical error in social media campaign execution; I help you with finding out loopholes in your social media marketing journey and provide the right solution for it.

2) Make the best Social media marketing strategy & planning

Need to consider many factors to design a social media marketing strategy & planning; with the right strategy & planning, you will achieve your social media marketing goal, I will help you to design your social media marketing strategy & planning, like which social media platform is best according to your audience, what should be the message to connect the audience, what are the steps after audience inquiry about your product/service, & many more points to make the best social media marketing strategy & planning

3) Make New Offers To Generate more Sales

After deciding the social media strategy & plan according to your business objective, the next step is to execute the Facebook & Instagram ads campaign, to achieve high engagement & more clicks on your Facebook & Instagram ads, your promotion offer, ad image creative, ad copy play an important role; I help you to make super attractive offers, high engaging ad image & ad copy to get the highest conversion from the social media marketing campaign

4) Scale up a social media marketing campaign

After improving loopholes, implementing the right social media marketing strategy & plan, and experimenting with irresistible offers, your business social media marketing is on the right track; your social media campaign has already delivered well in terms of leads, sales & engagement, and now you only need to scale up existing social media marketing campaign. I help you effectively scale up your social media marketing campaign with Facebook retargeting ads, duplicate the best-performing Facebook & Instagram campaigns with a higher budget, and retarget in-market audiences with Facebook pixels, video views, and website visits to increase your sales by five to ten times.

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About Me

I completed my Electrical Engineering in the year 2014 and then started a job as an electrical supervisor. With time I discovered my interest in sales & marketing, and to pursue my dream, I quit my job in 2016 and started learning digital marketing.

As I had an interest in sales & marketing, I did a lot of research and explored the digital market and sought-after social media marketing. With time, I started taking on projects which were great successes. I received amazing feedback from clients about delivering satisfactory results, business sales, and an increase in leads. I worked with various industry domains such as medical, restaurants, eCommerce, real estate, and so on.

In 2019, I started Facebook ads coaching in Surat and trained around 250+ businesses on how to leverage Facebook ads for business sales.

Today, I have a team of 15 people, and I provide an array of services that include coaching, consulting campaign management, and full-spectrum digital marketing.